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The worship of God is an amazing thing:  a gift from the redeemed to a holy and merciful Redeemer; and, at the same time, a blessing of refreshment and restoration from the Father to His children.  The songs we sing extol the greatness of our God, affirm our beliefs, express our testimony, and give voice to our hearts.  We like to sing what is familiar, letting the words pour out freely.  We also like to ‘sing unto the Lord a new song', because ‘His mercies are new every morning', and our souls always yearn for a new way to respond.  We lift our hearts to the Father in spoken words, as well, delighting in the bonds He creates between His children whenever we gather as family.  Together, we share joys and heartaches, praises and petitions, needs and blessings.  Especially, we open our hearts to hear the Word, which is ‘living and active'.  Through the Word, God judges our thoughts and attitudes; He brings hope to the hopeless, sight to the blind, healing to the broken, rest to the weary, life to the dying.  He offers forgiveness, and leads us in the Way of righteousness.

Come, and you will see His faithfulness; for, when we gather, He is in our midst, just as He promised.

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